A Homeowner's Guide to Lead Abatement

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As a homeowner, we can agree that it's important to be aware of the risks posed by lead in your home. Whether you just moved into a house or wondering what lies within the paint or plumbing on your property, take a few minutes to protect your home and family. Lead poisoning can have serious consequences for both adults and children, but fortunately, there are ways to identify and eliminate lead from any home. In this article, we have created a quick guide to refer to if you think you have lead that is in need of removal in your home!

What Does Lead Look Like?

Lead can appear in many forms such as paint chips or dust particles on window sills or floors. The color of the paint chips can range from grayish-white all the way up to bright red depending on the age of the paint used in your home. Additionally, old plumbing fixtures may contain traces of lead which could be released into water supplies if not properly removed and replaced with modern alternatives.

How to Check If My House Has Lead?

The most reliable way to determine if your home contains lead is through professional testing services. These tests will detect even trace amounts of lead present in your home’s walls or paintwork. If possible, hire a certified inspector to come out and test for lead as they will be able to provide accurate results faster than other methods. Many testing companies in the Southern California area also have same day/24 hour service so do your research to get your questions answered as fast as you can. Check out some certified testing companies such as: RestCon Environmental Southern California - Titan Environmental Containment & Titan USA - Rarefied Air Environmental, American Environmental Group - Safeguard EnviroGroup, Inc. - Trusted Environmental Consulting - Charles Taylor - Vert Environmental - AIRTECH ENVIRONMENTAL LIMITED - Patriot Environmental Laboratory Services, Inc. - Envirocheck, Inc.

What Should I Do If I Have Lead In My House?

If you discover that your house contains an unsafe level of lead then it is important to contact a professional immediately! A qualified specialist from a lead abatement company will be able to properly assess the situation and help guide you through the process of safely removing any existing sources of contamination while also providing advice on how best to prevent future contamination from occurring within your household environment. This could mean encapsulating the surface that contains lead, removing the lead from the surface or replacing a piece or entire lead contaminated components.

How to Pick the Right Lead Abatement Company?

The first step in dealing with lead abatement is to find a reputable company that specializes in this type of work. To do this you should carefully research each company that you are considering and obtain opinions from multiple companies so that you can compare them side by side. Price is obviously important, but you also want to make sure that the company has a track record of protecting people's homes as well as their employees risking their lives for your family's health. You will need to check that the abatement company has insurance as well as the proper certifications required by your state's regulations. Additionally, ask for references and check them before signing a contract with any company. Check out my article covering 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Asbestos Abatement Company to help you make the right decision!

Would You Like Us to Swing By?

Lead poisoning is no joke; it can cause serious health problems for both adults and children alike! That’s why it’s essential for homeowners who suspect their homes might contain traces of this dangerous substance take proactive steps towards identifying and eliminating its presence as soon as possible.Taking these steps now can help protect both yourself and those around you from potentially harmful exposure in the future! Feel free to reach out to me directly via LinkedIn to set you up with a same-day visit to clear any doubts!

Tim Jackson